53 hudson hornet for sale

Due to heart condition I am selling my 53 Hudson Hornet. It belonged to Rod Hunter of Correctionville ,Iowa. See last obits.He tore it down and sand blaster everything then rust proofed it. There isn't any rust that I can see , even on the rack. It has electronic ignition, 4 core alum. radiator,and rebuilt carb. It is blue with a off white roof. Asking 5000.00 OBO


  • tanker53tanker53 Posts: 30
    correction. 15000.00
  • foxsnoutfoxsnout Posts: 29
    Do you have any pictures of the Hornet? 2 door or more door?
  • tanker53tanker53 Posts: 30

    It is a four door. New springs all around with new shocks. center point assembly, water pump, full flow thermostat, tires.
  • tanker53tanker53 Posts: 30
    located in Mcpherson, ks
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     Nice looking ride.  
  • No kidding. This ad makes me wonder what the hell I'm building my '50 for!
  • sending a pm.
  • sending a pm
  • Tanker53 could you give me a phone number where I can reach you or call me on my cell at 435 279 6930
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    Will take 12,000.00 for it.
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    It's purdee. I can't imagine getting one in as nice of condition for less money. All it needs is a market. Good looking ride.

    Ifin you want one ya gotta get while the gettins good. They don't make 'em any more.
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    the seller promptly sent me photos and info - not a twin h, so that counts me out - seller would do better if he posted all photos/info on this thread!
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    Adding Twin-H is easy. I haven't seen any other pictures, but hard to go wrong at this price, even if it needs a little bit of work. If I wasn't knee deep in other projects I would probably go look.
  • Yep. Me too.  When I’m looking to buy, I can’t seem to find a good one.  When I’m not they’re all over. Lol
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