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    Nice, Thanks for Posting
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    Thanks for posting 
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    Thanks for the show
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    Stepdown pick up at : .37 ?
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    Yeah, thanks for posting! Note the miniature car on top of the trophy at 9:15 is a Hudson.
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    OLracer, It brought back lots of good old times as a teen growing up in AIKEN S.C.
    and hitching a ride to Darlington track. I could tell lots of stories about the Moonshine
    and Hudsons but to long.
    I have been driving HUDSONS and drag racing them because what i saw at Darlington.
    and still driving and enjoying them. HUDSONLY RUDY ( TURBO ) Bennett.
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    I have several early fifties Racing videos showing Hudsons on my web site. Just click on the video tab at the top right. Www.bellinghamautosales.com
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    Hi Rudy, I agree having fond racing memories that Video brought back too. I just missed the Grand National Fabulous Hornets when they raced in Erie once in mid '50's, but have many memories racing Modified's later. I Drag raced a Pacemaker Cpe on Sun initially after racing a Hornet powered Terraplane Sat nights. The stock car paid so I concentrated on circle Track. I seen a Texas Newsletter where you also have a Turbo on a Hornet too. It would be nice to chat sometime to share racing experiences and protests from the V8 guys...... Chuck
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    Thanks so much Chuck, We will do that.
    Pal Rudy.
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    Good stuff.  The early years.  
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    Thanks for posting...i love,love the early fifties racing videos and pics. Can´t really get enough.
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    That was fun to watch. Thank you...k
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