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RichieRichie Posts: 966Senior Contributor
Hi again guys. My question is will a standard trans with overdrive from a 8 cylinder car fit into a 6 cylinder car that has overdrive. Both are single lever trans. Thanks in advance. Richie.


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,906Administrator

    Of course, this all assumes that the "donor" OD transmission is coming from the same general year and model Hudson as the car into which you're transplanting it. If, however, you're putting a 1954 Borg-Warner transmission into a 1947 (for example), there might be some modifications necessary to mate them up.

    The OD transmission would also fit into a 6-cylinder that only had a regular 3-speed transmission, but you would need a shorter drive shaft to compensate for the extra length of the OD transmission. Again, that's assuming the tranny is going into a Hudson of the same type (StepDown, pre-StepDown).

  • RichieRichie Posts: 966Senior Contributor
    Jon B, the guy isn't sure what year car the trans came out of. Looking at the parts book it lists a "W" and an "R" type trans, from 48 to 53. Would one of those letters designate a single level trans? I will try to get a part number from the seller. Thanks Jon. Richie.
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 484Expert Adviser
    Drive shaft might have  to be shorted up  the OD makes the trans unit longer
  • RichieRichie Posts: 966Senior Contributor
    Thanks Charles4d
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,607Senior Contributor
    The single levers are bolted to the bell housing with 5 bolts from inside the housing. The single levers from about mid 52 bolted from the outside with 4 bolts. The Overdrive tranny is 8 1/2 inches longer. If using overdrive in a pre-stepdown, you might have to cut a little clearance in the frame for the governor switch.
  • RichieRichie Posts: 966Senior Contributor
    Hi Uncle Josh, the trans in my 51 SS has the bolts inside the bell housing. The trans I'm looking at appears to have the bolts inside as well. This is an overdrive swap to overdrive so the drive shafts should be the same. I haven't heard back from the guy yet. I asked for any numbers that were on the trans that would help identify its year. Thanks, Richie
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,588Senior Contributor
    Quick answer - yes it will fit.
  • RichieRichie Posts: 966Senior Contributor
    Thanks Geoff.
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