Timiing issue

JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 905Expert Adviser
The timing keeps “jumping” .I’ve tightened the distributor and after timing it, it ran good. I went to start it today and the timing was of. This makes the second ignition system to do this. I have gone back to points (instead of the Crane electric eye) after it kept jumping timing. I’ve read a few posts on this forum and it looks like jumping timing is not that unusual with Hudson engines. Is there something I need to do to correct this problem?


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,075Administrator
    What engine is this for?
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 905Expert Adviser
    262 with Twin H setup.
  • allanallan Posts: 197Member
    what is a Crane electric Eye?
  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 119Member
    Is it this system: https://rodauthority.com/tech-stories/crane-cams-points-to-ignition-coversion-with-the-xr-i-kit/

    You also didn't mention if you were running a 6 volt or 12 volt electrical system. I have heard that the 6 volt systems are not as reliable as the 12 volt systems with these modern points replacements.
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 905Expert Adviser
    It’s been converted to 12 volts. I ran on points for years, but it seemed like that with 12 volts it had a miss that went away when I switched to Petronix. Petronix burnt out on me twice recently and that’s when I decided to go with the FAST ignition (formerly Crane ) which uses an optical wheel attached to a module. It worked well but I didn’t batten down the optical sender well enough and it hit the wheel causing the slots to lose the proper alignment, leaving me sitting on the side of the read. Hence the return to points.
  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,876Senior Contributor
    Is the timing jumping around or fluctuating under a timing light at idle? IF SO, are you checking the timing with the vacuum advance disconnected, or connected to the vacuum line to the front carb of your Twin H setup? If it is fluctuating with vacuum advance hooked up, it could be a bad diaphragm in the vacuum advance unit. If the timing is fluctuating with vacuum advance disconnected, then it can be many things: worn bronze distributor/ oil pump drive gear, stretched timing chain, weak, broken centrifugal advance springs, worn distributor shaft bushings, bad points, points with weak arm tension causing points bounce and resultant spark scatter, etc.....

  • dave11dave11 Posts: 137Expert Adviser
    I would check the distributor drive gear, as they are prone to wearing
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