'50 commodore eight. Needing voltage regulator.

keithfullmeryahoocomkeithfullmeryahoocom Posts: 367Expert Adviser
Looking for the stock voltage regulator for my Eight Cyl commodore. The stock units include a circuit breaker inside. Anybody have one of these laying around?


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,839Administrator
    Have you tried Ebay? Every so often they come up with NOS Autolite voltage regulators and the prices seem quite reasonable. I think the Hudson regulators interchange with certain other makes (Chrysler?) so they're not as scarce as a Hudson-only regulator would be.
  • LanceLance Posts: 744Member
    Got one Keith. Looks really good. Possibly NOS ? Anyway 704 792 911 zero
  • keithfullmeryahoocomkeithfullmeryahoocom Posts: 367Expert Adviser
    I'll try and call you tomorrow on it, Lance. Thank you.
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,538Senior Contributor
    Keith, I'm not aware of any regulator having a "Circuit breaker", apart from the normal cut-out coil and contacts. The function of a circuit breaker is to protect from heavy current, whereas a cut-out is to connect the generator to the battery when charging starts, and disconnect when the generator voltage drops.
  • keithfullmeryahoocomkeithfullmeryahoocom Posts: 367Expert Adviser
    edited December 2018
    This thing has me a bit confused, and I know I'm pretty easily confused these days. 

    Like a lot of other things, the one on my car is probably not stock. It has only three terminals (Field, Arm, Bat). I have looked at several wiring diagrams, all show I should have four. In addition to this problem, I am suspicious that the VR on my car has undergone some heat damage as the insides look toasted. I looked at several VR that are sold on-line including the NAPA VR that is supposed to fit my car. It also only has three terminals.

    From the service manual-- "The voltage regulator includes two individual units in the one housing. One of these is the circuit breaker which closes the circuit between the generator and battery when the generator is charging and opens the circuit when it is not charging. The other unit is the voltage regulator which holds the voltage of the system constant within very close limits."
     I'm trying to describe what I actually need, or think I need...k
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,538Senior Contributor
    Okay, the terminology is slightly awry, but the circuit breaker described is actually the cut-out. Some regulators had an extra terminal which supplied ground to the amp light when the ignition switch was turned on, but if you have one with only three terminals the amp light wire goes to the Arm. terminal on the regulator Not sure if your car has a third brush current control or not, but if so you can easily convert it to two-brush by removing the third brush and connecting the terminal from that to the Arm. terminal of the generator. You will have to check the maximum output of the generator, and set the current regulator below this. For example, if you generator says 30 amp output, you set the current regulator at 28 amps. Instructions on how to do this are in the workshop manuals.
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