PCV system conversion

KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,316Senior Contributor
Just wondering if anyone has added a pcv system to their splasher motor? I have done it on two 308's but not a splasher. Just a note to those that might wonder why----taken from a post All PCV systems I'm familiar with provide crankcase ventilation under all engine operarting conditions except a backfire. The valve has a calibrated spring which controls how far the valve is opened or closed depending on engine vacuum. At light throttle settings, ie high manifold vacuum the valve closes down against the spring to restrict flow. At high engine loads, ie low manifold vacuum the spring opens the valve allowing more flow through the valve. In the case of an intake backfire the valve will backseat preventing the backfire from igniting the crankcase vapors and damaging things like crankcase seals, valve cover gaskets, or at the very least blowing off the oil filler cap. PCV systems reduce crankcase vapors caused by blowby, and also reduce moisture in the crankcase. Probably the single best thing you can do for your engine, your oil, and the environment. If I remember the numbers correctly, PCV systems reduced total vehicle hydrocarbon emissions by 40% compared to a draft tube system. John


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