My turn signals stopped working

On my 53 Hornet Sedan, I can no longer hear the relay clicking, and nothing happens when I use the indicators. The car is a good quality original machine and so the wiring has not been butchered upon. I suspect that the flasher has died, and I am not seeing anything under the dash that looks like the barrel flasher relays I've seen before. Where should I be looking and did they use anything weird? The factory wiring diagram does not mention turn signals, which supports the idea that they were a dealer installed option.


  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,605Senior Contributor
    The relay is a conventional canister type three prong relay. It is clamped or clipped to the brace behind the dash to the left of the steering column. There is a fuse in the power feed to the relay also. Check the fuse first.
  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,605Senior Contributor
    If fuse blows, check the bulb sockets for shorting, and the wiring from the switch going to the front and rear left and right signals.
  • LanceLance Posts: 744Member
    Turn signals are indicated with a wiring diagram in your owner's manual. Check what Ken said and also check for proper grounding. Also, If your flasher indicator is clamped onto the frame, you need to isolated the flasher canister from the clamp.
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