Random Hudson Photos from Detroit Historical Society

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I stumbled upon these tonight. Not sure whether any or all have already been published here, before. Many thanks to the Society (whose website can be found here: https://detroithistorical.org/)

First, some photos of the showroom Hudson built on its Jefferson Avenue property. From what I can ascertain, this was a free-standing building with an elaborate interior. The photos are circa 1931.

Now, a rather elaborate Hudson-Terraplane dealer's sign:

(By the way, here's a view of the front of that dealership, courtesy of Autolit.com:)

And, here is a display showing the new 1941 Hudson, probably either at a new-car show or a Hudson sales meeting. No, "Symphonic Styling" didn't mean that Arturo Toscanini designed the cars; it referred to the artful blending of the interior colors (upholstery, paint and plastic) with the exterior finish on each particular car, to create of symphony of visual harmony.

Here's a Hudson billboard at their Jefferson Avenue property, displaying the latest 1936 offerings:

Finally, something quirky: a metal display (for showrooms or parts departments?) showing the latest "automatic" cigar lighter, where the knob actually popped outward when the heating element was red-hot. The chromed knob and type font would seem to indicate this was devised in1939-40, yet pop-out lighters dated back to the mid-thirties, so were no longer so "gee-whiz!" that they would seem to deserve such a fancy interactive display.


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