Rubber floor mat

hudsonjeffhudsonjeff Posts: 75Senior Contributor
Getting ready to do seats and floor covering in my 51 super six convertible. Is anyone reproducing the rubber mat for at least the front or am i buying carpet? The fron is history but the rear is still good.


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,839Administrator
    Wildrick Rubber has a "Hudson Built Steel Body" imprinted front mat. To the best of my knowledge it can be trimmed to fit anything from the 1930's (or maybe earlier) through the StepDown years. I think it's based on a universal replacement mat that Hudson made available, though it is not an exact replica of the StepDown "factory" mat.
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    If this works or you find another solution please post with an update. The rubber floor mat on my 1951 Super 6 Sedan has rotted away as well.

    A proper-fitting mat will have to have an access flap over the plate that allows access to the master cylinder.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,839Administrator
    edited December 2018
    Here's Wildrick's mat.

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