Coil for a 1915 Hudson

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Guys, I purchased the 1915 Hudson from the Auction and I am in the process of getting it running again. Besides all the little things I am looking for a Delco 2002 (or 2003) coil for this car. It has a modern coil but it just does not look right on the car. Yes, I know it is a long shot but maybe someone knows someone who has something close in their stash. I hope to have it on the road by the end of the year. A few minor little electrical issues and some tinkering with the water pump and it should start and run. Again any leads on an old coil would be helpful. This coil has the power and ground leads on one end and the high voltage lead coming from the center of the coil.

Thanks Jay


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    Two thoughts:

    1) You might publish a photo of the authentic coil here (search the Internet?), in case some parts vendor has one but didn't know what it fit.

    2). Go through the H-E-T roster (printed or on-line) and find others who own a car of your year and model. Contact them and ask if they have suggestions for finding the correct coil. Possibly the Delco coil you need interchanges with a more popular make of car, and maybe (for that reason) someone is actually making reproductions.
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    Carl Weber and Jerre Hoffman both have 1915’s and both are listed in the directory.
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    Maybe try a ford coil from the same year ?
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    OK here is a picture of a 1915 engine. I wished mine looked like this. You can see the coil down by the distributer. It is the round cylinder, this has a cover over the top terminals.
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    The center bolt is part of the mounting bracket.
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    You didn't say which 1915 Hudson. A 6-40? Or a 6-54? There's a difference (and I'm not smart enough to know it when looking at your photo). By the way, are you sure that the coil setup in your car is the original one? Have you investigated the Hudson parts manual for your car? It may shed further light on the correct type of coil, and might even contain a photo.

    Here is Marty Roth's (once Fred Long's) model 6-40 (1915) engine, showing the coil -- but you'd have to ask Marty if his car has the original coil.

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    Mine is a model 6-40, just like this one. This is the same type of coil I have on mine. Which works, but it is not correct for the bracket or according to the drawings in the manual. I am just looking is all. I am trying to pretty it up as I bring it back to life.
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 360Expert Adviser
    Here is another picture showing the coil and the mounting bracket. This type of coil is the coil I am looking for.
    Thanks Jay
    1915 hudson coil.jpg
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    Try Lester Harris @ 775-267-2559
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    Jay I have sent you a PM
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