39 Hudson Heaters

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Looking for any tech info such as wiring diagrams. Anything sort of tech info would be of help. Thanks


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    I just looked in the HET club library for 1939 manuals. I did not find anything about heaters in a " 1939 electrical bulletin" which is very detailed about generators, etc., but the circuit diagrams in it don't include heaters.

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    I know, info like that may not exist. I bought another heater like the one I have (for a spare) and was looking for tech info as I don't know if it runs. But for $12.00 I couldn't say no.
  • Heaters were after market items installed  by the dealer or other shops
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    I know that's why I wonder if any info does exist
  • I wonder if you can run the wire as a cigarette  lighter and wire it that way 
    You could  ask Doctors  Doug he might have something  on it my 2 cents
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    True, I'll reach out to him.
  • A long shot maybe another club/s that might have how to install one with a foot note on hudson
  • Try Hemmings motor news look under automobile literature like bob Johnsson or some other company  they have a lot of auto stuff it's worth a chance good luck
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    Thanks, I'll check that out too. Reason I ask is I bought another one like the one in my car. Be nice to have a spare if that one ever goes out. Still looking for advice on installing the weather master too.
  • Bob Johnson passed away a few years ago and all of his literature was sold.
  • Oh sorry their are other company's that deal with that stuff I used him back in the day and a company  out of Canada also. The name slip my mind at this time but good luck
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    Does the fan in your car heater work?
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    It does, when out and you apply direct power. I checked voltage between switch and heater and received voltage indication. I then checked the switch and found it to be bad. I got a know good one from Dr Doug. Still no dice. So now I wonder if the motor is grounded? I'll have to pull it back out and see. I plan to use the one I bought as a spare or for parts if need be. Not sure if it runs but will bench test it when it arrives. But it does look complete and has the "horn" on the side for the weather master.
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    Got the heater in my car working today. After months or messing with it I found that the ground wire was connected to the fuse block. I moved it a ground and what do you know. Works as advertised. Not sure how that got wired that way but problem solved.
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