My 39 in the snow

ValVal Posts: 686

Don't know how long its been since she saw the snow!


  • schillazschillaz Posts: 244
    Doesn't look like she wants to come all the way out of the garage! haha

    Looks good!
  • Go ahead let her roll abound in the snow she might like it
  • LanceLance Posts: 715
    Val, you already have snow is St Louis??? Wow. What happened to fall?
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Had a bout 2 weeks of fall Lance, Winter has arrived. I couldn't resist taking her out for a short jaunt around the block. She handled well.
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 350
    Yeah I’m in St. Louis and I think it’s going to be a long winter.  Nice ride Val 
  • Great picture Victor and a gorgeous looking car!
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Thank you !
  • PerPer Posts: 163

    Thank you for posting the nice picture of your car! I hope someone will be able to provide you with installation information for the weather master.

  • Val,
    That is one beautiful car.

    My 35T does not get to go out in the snow here in north Idaho. Of course, she does not have a heater so there is that.------
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Per, Thanks and I hope that some can help with that also. Farmermike, Thank you I am lucky that the car came with a heater.
  • Its purdee!
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Thank you, how about you bring out your 38 for us to see?
  • Great looking 39. I have one about the same color.
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Thank you and I would love to see it if you could post a pic.
  • Val, here's my 39.
  • Val said:
    Thank you, how about you bring out your 38 for us to see?

  • Here is my 39
  • Fantomworks GREAT LOOKING CAR
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 350
    Mike that is sweet and I bet it’s a pleasure to drive. 
  • Like! ^^^^^^
  • Thank you. It is a very nice car. Believe it to be the only 1939 112 Coupe Convertible remaining. Purported to be one of only three made in 1939.
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Mike that is a beautiful car, I've had the pleasure of seeing in person and up close. Beforemytime, very fine looking 38. and Hudsonsplasher1, WOW what else can I say but Gorgeous coupe! Very nice cars guys, one and all. We are proud Hudson owners!
  • And I am very much a fan of yours, Val. Very nice.
  • Val - the missing side grills on yours- do you know if they are the same size on the Hudson as on the 112? I am working with a guy making 3D parts. We might be able to make you new ones, if we have an example to scan. Won't be cheap, but could be done. Are you interested in
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    Mike - No they are not the same as the 112. Doug told me that if I could find some from a same year Buick the he could cut them to fit. But that seems just as scarce.
  • If you know of someone with a 39 Hudson who would take off their side grills and lend them to the cause we could have them scanned and sent back in a few weeks.
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    I don't know of anyone personally besides you that has another 39. But Doug was talking about doing that. I think he has a CC8.
  • tomruetomrue Posts: 16
    I have one 1939 model 92 Side grill
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    tomrue, sent you a pm
  • tomruetomrue Posts: 16
    I will loan it to mike to reproduce. Be nice if I could buy one for each side. The one I have is complete, together, but cracked.
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