Anyone bought one of these scroll air compressors ?

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Sure looks promising, great output and very quit. Good price as well.


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    Do not have but scroll is latest low capacity technology; a screw compressor is late tech. for higher capacity and is basically two rotary scrolls running together. See them on trailers behind trucks almost exclusively. Almost no maintenance. Generally higher price than recips. Just the quietness would be worth it for me !! Good for a job shop, but excessive for someone as me who does not use as much hobby air as I used to. Like my new Miller wire welder w/argon that I have had for 15 years and haven't used yet !!!!
    Love Eastwood stuff.
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    All of Eastwood's stuff is manufactured elsewhere and rebranded.....The scroll compressor, at least the components thereof, are manufactured in China.
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    Folks I want to be perfectly honest, I actually work for Eastwood at the retail store in Alsip IL and I might be a "Little" biased but the Scroll Compressor is amazing. It is incredibly quiet, energy efficient and powerful. We actually have one on display here at the store and it is about as loud as my AC unit outside of the house. It generates 12 CFM at 90 PSI which is better than most 60 gallon compressors. It has a 100% duty cycle with only one moving part and there is no metal on metal contact. The units uses a thin film of oil to seal the stater. If I was replacing my old unit this is the only one I would consider. Vern - 1947 Hudson pickup
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    The original post was Not About Where products are made; but a request for a user of the product to step up and give a review!
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    As cheap as most HETer's are, it's unlikely one of us has bought one of these. But this will probably help more than any input from this forum;
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    Cheap?! I like thrifty better....
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    There are no US made scroll compressors available that I am aware of that can compete with the quality, size and price of the Eastwood unit. I bought a new compressor several years ago, a 21cfm unit. I have a pot blaster, cabinet blaster, various air tools and spray guns. If I needed a new compressor, I would diffinantly get one of these as I think it would handle everything except the pot blaster. Not sure about that. Most of the times a smaller compressor would actually be better and less costly to run.
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    Can't comment on this particular compressor, but if you are interested in buying one, the time is now. Tariffs start first of the year at 10%, but if this next round of voting goes through (hope it does), I understand the tariffs will be 25%. Means current pricing will go up dramatically.
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    Yes, maybe that will encourage corporations to bring manufacturing back to the USA instead of sending money to an increasingly strident and dangerous Communist China.
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    We should have learned our lesson from our building a rod for our own backs in the 1930's trading so much steel and aluminum with an Imperial Japan intent on expanding it's so called "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" Nowadays it's modern counterpart is China's aggressive push in the region.....funded by US consumers addicted to cheap Chinese products. Having so much of one's manufacturing tied up in a country that is headed to a political and likely a military showdown with us is not smart.
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    Ken C and Roy the original post is posted under "OFF TOPIC" so as long as nothing is offensive in the sense of being vulgar, violent, fits under the rules for this section of the forum .
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    Keep the digital airwaves full of BS Ken.  
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