Headlight glass lens dimensions

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Does anyone have a list of the sizes and any helpful data for identifying the 1933 to say 1946 headlight glass lens. I have found a shop selling vintage car parts and he has 3 boxes of misc lens's.
Also I would like to install sealed beams in my 1934 headlight buckets to avoid the lens installation problems. Does anyone have any info re this. It would be nice to find and do something respectable looking. Im aware there were conversion kits and a good looking vintage bezal is important. Thanks, Barry


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    Barry, 1940 on wards were all sealed beam headlights.
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    I’d be interested in 2  33s.  I believe 32 were the same.  If wrong somebody correct me.  I could get you dimensions of mine.  
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    In 33 Terraplanes had two size headlights. 8 cylinders are larger than 6 cylinder, but they look the same until you compare them.
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    Did you see this post by ol racer? https://forum.hetclub.org/discussion/171565/brighter-headlights#latest
    and that link to "Classic and Vintage Bulbs" for the LED replacement bulbs? If it is better light you are looking for, maybe that's the way to go (does not do anything for lens install issues) - thinking about it for my 34T.
    When I got it in 1973 it had sealed beams on it; they had just replaced the headlights with an aftermarket sealed beam bucket unit, sometime before 1950, when the car was shut up in my grandma's garage. I eventually replaced with circa 1937 or 1938 headlight bucket with sealed beams (see picture) - looked good and I never had anybody mention they were not original. BUT, in the end, I went back to the original headlights with re-mirrored reflectors etc. (and also took off the wide whites).

    I see a recent EBay listing says 34T Tribeam "LENS MEASURES: 9 8/32" X 9 5/32"
    may06 (3).JPG
    600 x 800 - 369K
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    Thanks everyone for your info. I have a 1934,36 and 37 Terra and would like to get some spare glass lens's now instead of 20 years time :) I found a man who has 3 boxes of lens and Im hoping to get lucky. Am also looking at other options like sealed beam kits. Thanks
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