Fuel Tank Sending Unit

Dropped the gas tank this weekend on my 53 Hornet. The tank doesn't look bad but the sending unit has holes in the float. Any suggestion as to a part number or place where I can get a replacement?
Thanks, Joe


  • Sure, the float is the same as Ford. Mac repro Ford parts has new brass floats reasonably priced. I just put one on my '52 and put 2 on the shelf.
  • Paul Shuster on this Forum sells new float / Senders
  • Allan, Did you replace just the float or the entire sending unit? If you replaced the entire unit does the fuel gauge appear accurate? The sales person at Mac stated the unit is 12 ohms full and 98 ohms empty. Does the positive ground affect the ohms reading?
  • The sending unit doesn't give a rat's patooty about polarity, it only acts as a variable resistor to regulate the current.
  • The sending unit PAUL SCHUSTER sells is a ford unit that has been recalibrated to HUDSON ohms specs. If you buy the CARPENTER unit from a FORD supplier, it will be off on the readings.
  • While there are several means of repair the reality of how the Hudson Fuel guage and tank sender work are fundamental to the complete repair. 
  • I only needed to replace the brass float. Exact match.
  • Thanks to everyone for the information. Before I proceed I will try to measure the resistance in the old sending unit. If it is good I can then just replace the float. Otherwise I will get a new unit from Paul.
  • Resistance should be in the range of 0 to 90 ohms.
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