Auto City Classic Radiator - fitting in a 54

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I purchased a new radiator from auto city classic which they advertised as fitting 49-54 stepdown. When it arrived it is different to the actual 54 radiator as the water return is in the center versus to one side in the 54. Anyone have any experience fitting this radiator into a 54 or an alternate company that makes the radiator for a 54 ?.


  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Senior Contributor
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    That makes you the second person to fall for that. It clearly shows in the pictures that it has a center water inlet. Try and send it back and get one from Brice Thomas Radiator for $545 WITH FREE shipping from their eBay store ;
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    Do a search for 1978 Dodge D200 radiator. There are many options, from copper/brass to all aluminum, to aluminum core with plastic tanks. I try to get one that applies to the largest size engine that I can.
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    KEN, I have a BTR my 1946 HUDSON with the 308 eng and they even made a special lower hose connector to fit the lower hose to my 308 water punp .am very pleased with the fit.and Quality.
    RUDY B.
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    Thanks all. it's on it's way back.
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