Essex 1929 Parts at Hershey C1A 3-4

awca12aawca12a Posts: 48Senior Contributor
Selling my 1929 Essex Roadster at the corral so all the parts must now go.

Will be bringing the following to Hershey at booth C1A 3-4
Box of Marvel V carb parts. I made my one from 6
Framed original dealer lubrication and tuneup maintenance poster
Bronze plaque from dealer Essex Endurance race
Spark wire set
Full set NOS Timken cone wheel bearings in/out front and rear
Used set of wheel bearings
Set of wooden wheels
spare clutch
Clum switch - used but working. Replaced it with a NOS on in the roadster
Vaccuum tank
Tie rods
Starter switches
Exhaust and water manifolds
Parts from 2 junked engines like brackets, fan blade, pully, etc
Box of misc body brackets/bolts and wheel parts received when I purchased the drive train remains of two cars in 07
Hydraulic shock absorber
Probably some other parts I’m forgetting about

Spare engine that was running when removed. I swapped my dented oil pan for the spare one. Unless someone claims this, it will not make the trip


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,839Administrator
    May I suggest that -- first thing Wednesday morning -- you go over to the Hudson booth in the Red Field and post a message on the bulletin board there, with this information? There will undoubtedly be people at our flea market space from all over the world, most of whom won't see this Forum message, but who would are potential customers. The flea market space is RNE 24-25, in the small portion of the Red Field that is between the old stadium and Hersheypark Drive.
  • 27esx33t827esx33t8 Posts: 5Member
    I would be interested in most of these parts. I bought a 29Essex Roadster last December and had it at the International meet in July.   Tom Brintnall, Hershey spaces RNE 31-34.
  • 27esx33t827esx33t8 Posts: 5Member
    Where are you located ?
  • awca12aawca12a Posts: 48Senior Contributor
    My booth is C1A 3-4

    Jon - I will swing by for sure. Good idea.

    Tom - Happy to work with you. Very glad to see another roadster on the road. Body parts like sill plates, door latches and such are a bear to get photos of much less parts for.

    Like most Essex owners I’ve met, I accumulated parts over the years just in case. Mechanically, my roadster is as solid as it can reasonably be so what’s left is really a repaint decision (I like signs of use) and the minor make-accurate decisions for a new owner. So the shelves are being swept clean. Check your wheel bearings. It took me 5years to find a set because of the unique configuration so when two sets turned up in an Oregon barn I grabbed them. Swapped my old but working set out and shelved them along with the other set.
  • 27esx33t827esx33t8 Posts: 5Member
    Where do you live?
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