Anyone know someone to help with Rambler restoration

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I know there is an American Motors section to the forum but it is a desert and last post was a couple of years ago. So, anyone know a Nash nut that does restoration work in Indiana or central OH? We have a '52 Rambler that I am trying to get redone for my 83 year old Dad. His first car was a '52 Rambler. My brother is working on it, but at the rate he is going my Dad will never be able to drive it. I am on the East Coast and cannot be of help, so I am looking for someone to take this thing on.



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    East Coast? Try CAMO Connecticut American Motors Owners, and AMO American Motors Owners Club. Both are very active and put out a very nice magazine and news letter,
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    I am on the East Coast, the Rambler is in central IN. I have been an off and on a member of the Nash Club, but not the AMC owners club. Although nice folks, the club itself is a far different animal than the HET Club. Nash sold more cars than Hudson but you would never know it from the size clubs. I was able to find all the parts we need through Nash contacts but have not been able to find anyone to help with the work on the Rambler.

    If you think Hudsons are hard to find parts for, just try finding Nash parts!
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    I was a member of the Nash Car Club of America for one year. Was not impressed with their publication. Didn't renew after the membership expired. Made me realize how nice the HET Club is compared to just about any other car club. I have worked on Ramblers and Nashes. My father's first new car was a '52 Rambler wagon. What needs doing on the Rambler?
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    Ken U is highly recommended as a mechanic. Doug Wildrick in Indiana can work on it too.
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    Are the front trunnions OK? The Rambler, like the Hudson Jet, used trunions instead of king pins. Thes often did not get greased, and wore out. This is a weak point on the Ramblers as are cracked control arms.
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    Ken I have not checked the trunnions, but expect they will need to be replaced. I bought this car out of a junkyard in Idaho. It was complete with little rust, with the exception of the floors due to water running in due to dried weather seals. It was also the same color of my Dad's Rambler. When it finally arrived we found that it had a cracked block and a replace engine was sourced in TN. it took me several years to obtain the parts needed to replace those that were damaged or missing. The belt trim proved to be the biggest headache (most of it was damaged beyond repair) along with brake, drums virtually impossible to find, sill need one more rear one.

    I did contact Doug Wildrick and he is too booked up with Hudson restos to mess with a lowly Nash. I believe most of the rust repair is done, but there is a lot of body work to do to straighten up and cleanup the outside. It is a great project but I am too far away to work on it.
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