Photo Needed of Stud

Well if that isnt a loaded title!  But seriously folks, I’m looking for a photo & dimensions of the stud which comes out the back of the intake.  It would be the left bottom area.   Mine broke off & I drilled & tapped it but can’t find my photo of this item.  

Heres the hole it goes into on the intake of my 37 coupe.  (6cyl)


  • That is a 2barrel manifold. It could be off a 212 as late as 1947.
  • Yes, it’s a 2 barrel carb off my 37 Hudson coupe.
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    Does the stud hold the throttle linkage in place?
  • That’s one of the things I’m trying to figure out.  Could be throttle spring or perhaps something with the climate control in the exhaust manifold.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos over a year ago when I took it apart, which is why a photo would help.  Lesson learned!
  • Ok, I remember now that it is just a vacuum port for the Electric Hand shift, and Vacumotive Clutch. If your car doesn't have these, then it just needs to be plugged with a bolt of correct thread.imageimage
  • Nope, I have the electric hand & this is the connection.  Like I said it’s a stud, I believe to hold a spring or the like. 

    If if anyone can share a photograph of this on their car that would help.
  • When I get home today I'll check my 39. It has a 212 with 2 bbl carb
  • Looking at these pictures you will notice there is a manifold that is not tapped, three that are tapped.  Two are OBVIOUSLY A THREADED STUD.  This stud is not a plug, but probably a mounting point for an accessory item used with the original vehicle.  All of the engines are 212s. 
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    This the stud you are asking about. On my 39 is does nothing but sit there. Oldfarmer those are good pics Very nice! .

  • Aha!  The stud is used to attach the bracket which holds the metal “breather tube” from the electric hand up to the air cleaner in place.  

    In Ken’s diagram pictures above & you can see one of tubes goes up to the air cleaner.  The bracket & connection to the intake just isn’t representated there.  

    Thank you all for helping me figure this out!  Now I can get the proper item tomorrow & install it on the intake.  Then finally install the intake & exhaust manifolds!  Once I have it attached as it should be, I will post the photo as a reference for others if needed in the future.
  • I was test fitting the manifolds with gaskets and decided to shoot that picture which shows what I figured out with everyone’s help.  

  • Glad you got it figured out.

    As a farmer I have had numerous times that I needed a special bolt for certain applications. I have attached this S.A.E. fastener specification sheet that I picked up at my local fastener store. I have had to use these more times than I would like to admit. I hope you folks find it as helpful as I have.

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