WTB 1934,35,36 fender light

I thought I would just put this out there to see if any one has one of these they are willing to sell I am looking for just one 1934,35,36 small front fender parking light I have one now that I am fixing but I need one more to have a complete set any help would be great Tom.


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    I have a pair of these if you can use them until you find the match to yours
    $55 plus shippingimageimageimage
  • I have been told that Packard used the same light and that they have been reproduced. Cant find a link to find them. One of my lights needs repair, and I need the reflectors so the Packard ones may be a cheaper option for us both. Good luck
  • I have one I would be happy to sell you. It's in excellent shape. 704 792 911 zero.
  • Hi Lance I called and left you a message I will buy your light Tom.
  • Hi Berry I looked up the Packard ones and they are not the same what I rely only need is the insides of one I have a base, body, reflector with pins and a glass lens but not the part that holds the bulb with the two springs on it I did put an ad in the next WTN so I will keep looking Tom.
  • I am still looking for one of these.
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