1934 Hudson radiator modern replacement reqd

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Appreciate some help finding a modern replacement for an original 1934 Hudson radiator - is there one? I have the top and bottom tanks only. Thanks


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    Not sure this is really "help" - I just went to a radiator shop and asked them to make me a radiator. They made up a tank with the original style fins etc.
    WILDRICK RUBBER PARTS offers new aluminium radiators for 1940 to 1954 Hudsons - they might be a resource.
    There is one listed in Hemmings along with 35H drive-train for $2,000.
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    A dodge  daktoa truck radiator will work in a 1940 Hudson something  was on the forum about it Google it it should come up
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    I think it's from a 1987 dodge daktoa
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    In 1934 the water filler was on the side of the top tank, not on the top. This and the pipe fittings can always be moved around if I find a modern radiator. I have the original solid water filler with a badly rusted threaded hole for the cap. Im thinking I could make up a large thread cutting tap to clean up the thread and then make a new screw in cap. Things we do to keep originality. I never realised that because of the very heavy fittings, they were made longer so that they reached the front internal side of the tanks for support. Thanks everyone inc Bob.
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    Barry, you won't find a replacement radiator "off the shelf" anywhere. But any good radiator shop will be able to fit a new core. Be prepared for big $$$$$$ though!
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    I had a 35H radiator recored at Gatton Qld with a modern style core not too long ago for around AUD1200, they got the core from a radiator core maker on the Gold Coast.
    I still have the original core if you want dimensions.

    Orignal style cores can be made to order in NZ I believe.

    If you are missing the side straps and "wings" they would be straightforward to a person with your skills if you have access to a folder. I can provide photos and dimensions.
    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
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    Thanks again everyone. With all the different makes of cars I was hoping I would get lucky.
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    I have just had a 35 Hudson 8 radiator re cored modern replacement using old tanks.
    $1000 nz dollars
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    Trevor J said:

    I have just had a 35 Hudson 8 radiator re cored modern replacement using old tanks.
    $1000 nz dollars

    Damn dude who did that?!
    I got Timaru Radiator Repairs to do mine.
    Re-cored copper 4 row.
    Also got them to replace and shift the bottom outlet, shift top inlet to center, shift and add a second dummy filler neck. Flick a coat of black on it. And then pop the original stamped Hudson data plates back on.
    Cost $600 cash.

    hmm cant find a good pic of it. Below is about all I got on hand that shows some of the work done to the top tank.

    49 Hudson Build thread (picture heavy, may need to refresh if images dont show.)
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