Radio Noise Suppressed - Replaced Spark Plug Wires

Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 178Member
hey guys - for my '53 hornet, the spark plug wires from the previous owner (P.O.) looked old, cracked, with some rodent damage - the P.O. had a crane xr-700 already installed, so i purchased the wildrick spark plug wire kit, suppression core, recommended for electronic ignition and radio suppression -

everything went in fine, although there was some annoying time spent putting the rubber ends on all of the wires - the hornet started up fine

when i turned on the stock am tube radio, there was a huge difference! much better! - i didn't purchase this wire kit for radio noise (i just figured the old am radio sounded bad) - i can attest that this kit actually works, greatly reducing am radio noise - hope this helps - no affiliation

(p.s. - am 880 for the seattle area is the only music station i can receive, although it's like listening to the soundtrack of david lynch's film, "blue velvet" - (the other am radio stations are sports or religious)


  • iceblade10iceblade10 Posts: 448Member
     Nice!  I bought those wires, too, but haven't installed them yet.
  • Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 178Member
    interesting development - i replaced the old coil for a FAST coil, which works with the installed crane (now FAST) XR-700 ignition system - there is a lot more radio noise now, but not as bad as before - perhaps this high energy coil overcomes the suppression?
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