Deluxe six oil filter and oil change

BernieBuechmanBernieBuechman Posts: 48Member
I was looking for a oil filter today on amazon I think I found a filter but nobody sends to Canada. I would also like to ask someone who may have a 41 what filter do you use and what are the dimensions of it. Now the oil change I know where the filter is and the drainplug but is there anything else I need to do other than pull the filter and drain the oil. does the oil canister need to have something special done to it or when you pull the drain plug does it just drain into the pan. I want to make sure my oil change is done right.

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  • iceblade10iceblade10 Posts: 448Member
    This must be an aftermarket add on?  I don't think these engines would have had an oil filter from the factory.  My '54 didn't even have one - I have the Fram external canister setup.  There is no "drain plug," I have to use a little plastic hand pump to extract the old oil, and wipe it clean with rags before adding a new filter and oil.  It uses Fram C3 or the Wix equivalent, which you can still get at some stores like Tractor Supply.
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    Some of them do have drain plugs.
  • iceblade10iceblade10 Posts: 448Member
    Are you able to post some pictures, Bernie?
  • BernieBuechmanBernieBuechman Posts: 48Member
    Thanks Stephen,

    I am sorry I did mean that there is the oil canister on the passenger side under the hood close to the firewall. I think you answered my question as to what to do with it as to the old oil in it. and yes there is a drainplug but on the oil pan. So far no luck at finding a oil filter in Ontario.

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    What you have is an aftermarket filter.  Hudson did not offer an oil filter for these cars.  Being you have oil flow of 1 or 2 lbs pressure to refill the oil troughs this aftermarket filter may cut down on the flow.   If it was my car I would remove this filter and plug off the  lines.  I do not believe it would filter much and a yearly or bi yearly  oil change is good enough for my cars with no problems.   This is in agreement with a Hudson engine man of much knowledge.

  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 319Member
    Open up the canister holder. should have a tube coming up the center. Get the calipers out and measure the outter pipe. then get the depth.

    I have a few different filters a Fram and a Wix I can measure. I prefer Wix. I have them from my 52 Buick that uses a standard size many manufactures used at the time.
    Then you can get one from a tractor shop or summit.
  • BernieBuechmanBernieBuechman Posts: 48Member
    I am curious do any of other members who own 1940 's hudsons believe it okay to get rid of my oil filtering system from my motor that it may be better oil pressure by not having it as it was not from the factory in 1941. I would really like to get rid of the filter but not sure how good it would be for the motor.

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  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 137Member
    The oil filters back then were what are called "bypass" filters, they are not "full flow" filters. Modern engines have full flow filters, almost all the oil goes through the filter on it's way to the bearings, etc. (there are certain conditions where the filter is bypassed, such as cold oil at higher rpm, and when the filter gets plugged). The old engines did not have a filter as part of the design, and they work fine without a filter. The secret is changing the oil often enough, and that is not an issue with most old cars today, which are pampered and hardly driven.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,904Administrator
    Personally speaking, if I had a bypass oil filter already hooked up, I'd leave it.  I've never heard anyone say that it affected oil pressure.  (The only oil pressure in a "splasher" is the pressure of the oil pump that lifts oil up to the dipper trays.)
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 440Expert Adviser
    Next time you remove the sump, clean it thoroughly and check the only original filter the motor came with - mesh.
  • railknightrailknight Posts: 302Expert Adviser
    Back in the day, if you had your FRAM by-pass oil filter replaced at a service station, there's a chance the person doing that would have also use a FRAM sludge syphon to remove the sludge from the bottom of the filter canister.   This tool looks very much like a hand held air pump with a flexible metal hose at one end and the suction handle at the other.  I have a complete vintage FRAM tool rack (dated 1954) hanging in my garage that includes the syphon.
  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 137Member
    A turkey baster also works to suck the oil out of the filter can, although it's not as convenient, nor as spiffy, as having the correct 65 year old tool for the job.

  • railknightrailknight Posts: 302Expert Adviser
    That's (turkey baster) what I use on my Hudson FRAM oil filter canister as the syphon has lost its suction long before I purchased it.
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