Aftermarket Tachometer and Install for '53 hornet

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Hey guys – I spent considerable time trying to find the “right” tachometer for my ’53 hornet (12v neg conversion)– I wanted a true vintage tach and sender, but pickings were slim for a 6 cylinder, in addition to finding something that would fit right

- I really needed a tach to get my hornet back safely on the road, to set the idle speed, etc., so I begrudgingly picked up a new sunpro cp7911 mini super tachometer II white dial – it's back-lit -

it was about $35.00 from amazon- i figured it would do for now . . .

 – I am very pleasantly surprised by how well this tach worked out – I didn’t think a modern unit would look right, but I think it looks “correct” – the install was easy (4-6-8 cylinder switch on unit), and yes, 400 rpm is too low for the idle speed! – it's a keeper! hope this helps!


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