Tires for my 33coupe

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Hi All.  I'd like to put tires with a wider stance on my 33 coupe.  Any recommendations?  Not a fan of Coker.  
Thank You


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    I've moved this discussion to the "Hudson" section.  Since you are neither buying nor selling a specific item, but rather asking for advice, I think the "Hudson" category would get you more helpful answers.
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    If you are using the original 4" rims the preferred widths are 145 or 155 with a lower limit of 135 and an upper limit of 165.
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    If you are on original rims you choices are somewhat limited.  If these are wood wheels I highly recommend you stick with the original size.  A wood wheel is not designed to handle the stresses of a wider contact patch and you could have a catastrophic failure while turning especially at speed.  If not wood then I would consider the condition of the rims and move forward.  Just my two cents.  I don't remember If Hudson was all steel by then.


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    Only definitive thing I can add is that the 33 Essex Terraplane coupe had steel rims - just bought a set of four 16-inch wire wheels from a 33 ET for a 34 Terraplane (the 4-lug wheels) to come down from the 17-inch. The car does look like it is up on spindly legs on the narrow 17-inch tires. I am going with the 16X6 (or 6.00-R16 if you like) radial black-wall tires.
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    My Coupe is an 8 cyl...KT I believe...It has steel wire wheels. ..The tires on it currently are 6.5 x 16
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