Brazing the shift handle on my 1910 Hudson Touring

Jay GJay G Posts: 337

Ok, so here is my question that I also posted on facebook.  Thanks for those that responded. What is the best way to repair this previous repair that has failed?  So you can see that a crack in the brazing is allowing the handle to rotate on the pipe.  The handle also has a set screw that should help lock the handle to the shift pipe but it also allows the handle to rotate on the pipe.  Any rotation of the handle is bad because the shift gate and trans will no longer be in sink therefor the trans does not shift into gear completely which is problematic....

After considering the comments I have received so far I am going to try and separate the shift pipe from the handle so I can inspect and clean the joint.  Before doing so I am going to make some indexing parks.  When the cracked joint is aligned everything works as it should, so that is my starting point.  After the pieces are apart and cleaned I an going to add brazing flux, re align and reassemble.  Then rebraze using SSF-6 silver brazing rod.  My reasoning here is since the handle has been repaired in at least two places and one is holding well, I do not wish to disturb it with excessive heat.  Also the shift pipe has a brass or copper bearing that I need to keep in tact as well. 

So I am thinking welding is out.  But if I can get the silver solder to get into the joint between the parts I should be good.  In addition I plan on enlarging the setscrew hold and drilling all the way through then tapping both holes and using two setscrews to pin the two pieces in the correct orientation.  The setscrews will have locktite so as not to back out.

In my mind this should provide two different types of mechanical mechanisms for locking the handle to the pipe and countering the rotational forces that seemed to have cracked the braze in the first place. 

Thoughts?  Thanks Jay

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