Hats off to Lance Walker

duncanduncan Posts: 798
I bought a fuel pump rebuild kit from Lance last year and went about 40 miles and the pump started leaking badly. I phoned him today and explained what happened and he graciously is going to send me a new kit. THANKS LANCE  Ray from Canada


  • Lance is a really good guy who seldom gets credit for all he does for this hobby.  My hat's off in unison.
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,255
    :) Lance is highly recommended!
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 831
     I live about 70 miles from Lance and in the past have driven to his house to buy parts that I need.  A few weeks ago I had a bad bout of vertigo and haven't been able to drive long distances since then.  Not only did Lance come to my house to deliver some parts I needed, but he brought another knowledgable Hudnut with him to help me take the steering wheel I have been trying to remove for weeks.  The nice part was that we exchanged parts on an even basis.  You can't beat a friend like that....
  • duncanduncan Posts: 798
    I received my fuel pump kit this last week. Thanks again Lance Ray from Canada
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