information about the wiper motor and arm connections to wipers

 I have not yet to see the wiper motor in my 1941 Hudson deluxe but I have noticed that in behind the glovebox there is the
connection for the wiper arm to the actual wiper connection in the cowl area. my question is what is the small link chainlink doing around the area for the connection of the wiper arm. This is important to me as I need to get my wipers operating for the safety check back here in Ontario Canada.

                                                                                           Any Help Appreciated Bernie Pembroke Ontario Canada


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    Not totally sure of your question.  The chain works like a bicycle chain within the wiper transmission or tower: it transfers motion from the long linkage rods that are fastened to the motor) to the pivot,  in the tower, to which the chrome wiper rods are mounted.

    Are your wipers not moving?  If so, you need to trace the motion from the motor to the exterior wiper arms, piece by piece, to see where the fault lies.

    Do you know if the motor itself is working?  Is there a rubber tube running from the engine manifold to the wiper motor, supplying vacuum to it?

    Perhaps if you remove the chrome wiper arms (and blades) it will make it easier for the motor to operate (no friction between rubber blade and windshield).   Then you can run the wipers to see if they work, even under practically no load.
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    Ok the wiper motor is behind the center piece of the dash. It up to the cowl the knob that turned it on and off is in the center of the dash close to the window.
    The chain runs on a gear just like a bicycle  the arms move from the wiper motor to the gears the chains move the wiper arms check for vacuum line to be old or even missing this should come from the carb. To go threw the firewall to the wiper motor hope  this helps 
  • Thanks Charles and Jon,

    That is very Helpful any way when I purchased the car I was told that the wipers did not work and he did not take the car out in the rain, Only one problem with our new regulations in Ontario the wipers need to be running the rules for safety checks are much greater now. I will take a closer look at the the back of the wiper tower to see if the chain is operationable.The knob is not seen on the dash as well I guess out comes the radio and then the wiper motor.

                                                                        Thanks a lot Guys  Bernie 
  • well I got at the task at hand first I removed the radio upon having it just about out a couple of pieces of something fall on the floor. it seems these 2 pieces were both for the wiper motor operation. I get the radio out and on top of it in nice chrome letters commodore eight that's cool a friend tells me he can fix the radio. so out comes the wiper motor not working ad some lubrication and hook it up to the vacuum line such a nice site it works. the hardest part was getting the chains hooked onto the wiper arms and have them stay on. any way thanks for everyones help I have now learnt how to fix another thing I knew nothing about. It was because of my Dad who I lost last January that I had bought this car so getting it on the road means everything to me. So in Memory of my Dad Thanks to All who are Helping me.  Bernie Buechman

                                                                                         Pembroke, Ontario Canada
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    Bernie, I don't know if you're in the HET Club but you may know that there is a chapter in Ontario.  If you're not yet a member, do consider joining because you will then have local people who may be able to give first-hand help and advice in maintaining your car.
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