1928 Essex front end

olcobolcob Posts: 4Member
I just got a 28 Essex coupe in pieces, I want to change the front end is there something that will be close to bolting in? Would like to keep the front spring setup.


  • roymarksroymarks Posts: 2Member
    What will you be doing with the original front end and steering as I can maybe use it?  Roy Marks
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,890Administrator
    Are you looking for an original axle, or are you saying that you're looking for a more modern setup?  If you're looking to retain the spring setup, I would think you'd probably have to find a solid front axle, huh?  If for example you wanted to improve the brakes, someone might suggest a conversion.  
  • olcobolcob Posts: 4Member
    I found a 38 dodge front axle, have to move the spring perchs a little but has juice brakes. I do have the original front axle does not have complete wheels on it
  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,548Senior Contributor

    If your old front end is in good shape?  I know someone who is looking for a 1928 Essex front end.

  • olcobolcob Posts: 4Member
    I think most of it was there, its at my brothers place right now
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