Stock driveline. 1947 Hudson commodore business coupe

burnoutburnout Posts: 12Member
I am removing a stock drive line from a 1947 business coupe.  Anyone interested...


  • Jay GJay G Posts: 364Expert Adviser

    As with anything it would depend on where you are located and the price(s).


  • burnoutburnout Posts: 12Member
    I am in NW Indiana.  About 30miles outside of Chicago.  I have been trying to figure out what a fair price would be.  At this point I am not sure if it is locked up.  I bought the car out of a barn and it is still buried in.  I hope to have it home in a week or so the I can tear into it and will have a lot better info.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,890Administrator
    When you do get ready to sell, please list in the "Parts and Pieces" section of the Classifieds, here.  Also, you may wish to advertise in the White Triangle News.  You could submit the ad as a "lead" from any current Hudson club member who is willing to sponsor it; I certainly would be glad to help.
  • burnoutburnout Posts: 12Member
    Ok.  Thanks.  I appreciate your input.  I’m new to this forum stuff. So still learning the rules..
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