Crown Vic front assembly

burnoutburnout Posts: 12Member
Has anyone done a crown Vic front end swap into a 1947 Hudson commodore 6?   I have a barn fresh business coupe that I want to swap in a 4.8 LS with a 4L60 trans.  Looking to help direct and stop with a crown Vic or other front end.   And suggestions....   anyone?


  • 12BoltTom12BoltTom Posts: 94Senior Contributor
    The factory front suspension was actually a very workable platform to start with. I have a 41 BigBoy and added my own disc brakes and made a nice swaybar from a Chevelle piece. The suspension is a short/ long arm configuration and works well.
  • burnoutburnout Posts: 12Member
    Very cool.  Thanks
  • trdrewtrdrew Posts: 8Member
    12BoltTom:  I have a '46 pickup that I would like to install a swaybay on. Could you please share the info of how you converted the Chevelle part?
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 364Expert Adviser

    Just bolt up a 46/47 front sway bar.  The holes should already be there.  I did that with my 46 truck.  If you have the 13 leaf rear springs it will make no difference.  same with rear shocks....well I should qualify that comment.  if you have the truck loaded with about 500 lbs it all works but the acceleration leave a little to be desired (stock engine).


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 108Member
    burnout, I think those front ends are something like 68 inches wide at the wheel mounting faces. is that going to push the wheels out too far? I'm doing a front suspension swap on my 54, to gain 12" vented rotor disc brakes with 4 piston calipers, and power rack and pinion steering, and to gain the extra space in the steering box area to fit the 460 BBF. I'm using a Jaguar unit in mine. they are 60" wide. Keep us posted on your progress please.
  • scar426scar426 Posts: 18Member
    Yep, what 54Coupe said....Too wide. For my 47, I am using stock control arms and such, but fabricated a caliper mount and with  a little bit of machining , I have got 03-up crown vic dual piston calipers and rotors. 
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,765Senior Contributor
    I believe the step down disk brake kits will fit earlier models with some work on the spindle.
  • TwinSuperchargedTwinSupercharged Posts: 19Expert Adviser
    54coupe....I am interested in your front suspension swap for my 51 Hornet. Can you explain in more detail as to the components you used and the parts that were removed? Pictures would be a great addition. Thanks, Fred
  • burnoutburnout Posts: 12Member
    Thanks for everyone’s input.  I have not started the swap yet but I was concerned about the width.  I will keep everyone posted and update this thread as I progress.   Thanks again.
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