Who else uses a cork clutch?

I found this nifty 1930s British industrial film from Morris Motors talking about engine manufacturing. I like seeing the hard tooling and modified machine tools they used to use.  Occasionally you see something downright dangerous, and I love that kind of thing.

 At about minute 16:35 they show, but don't mention, the clutch assembly going together and it is obviously a cork clutch. I thought this was an exclusive Hudson gimmick. Who else used this type of thing?


  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,557
    I've heard that some industrial lift trucks use them
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,235
    Several motorcycles use them, industrial forlifts.
    The MG TA Cork Clutch - Bill Davis Artist
    The TA has a 'wet clutch' meaning that it runs in oil. Engine oil. The oil is fed into the clutch housing through a hole in the rear of the crankshaft then slung onto the cork plate.

    Morris, MG, Wolseley, Railton, Hudson, BSA etc.

  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,026
    In the early years of the auto industry a myriad of different clutch types were used. I once owned a Rollin (look it up), the sump of which extended past the engine to the back of the bell housing, the clutch and flywheel ran in the engine oil. 

  • railknightrailknight Posts: 248

    Wonderful film showing engine and transmission production in the U.K. back in the 1930's!  Yeah, it's funny seeing how little safety gear workers used back then.  I like the guy in front of the hammer forge.  No safety glasses or hearing protection.   The man pouring the ladle of molten iron at least has safety goggles, but doesn't seem anything else like you'd see now such as a clear face mask or "silvers" to protect against splashing molten metal or sparks.  Today's OSHA, or the British equivalent,  would have a "field day" with work safety violations seen in this footage.  Thanks for posting this vintage industrial film!


  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,235
    As much as we used to complain about OSHA, thank God for them. No telling how many injuries and long term health issues they have been responsable for cutting down on.
  • If you think "OSHA" is a small town in Wisconsin, you're in trouble! :)
  • railknightrailknight Posts: 248
    Sounds a bit like an Indian word such as the Wisconsin city of "Oshkosh."
  • dwardo99dwardo99 Posts: 325
    My father told me many years ago that cork clutches were used in some heavy construction equipment. He was a heavy equipment mechanic when I was a small boy, so I expect he was right. That's all I know.
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