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After searching and asking all I found discussed was the 351C ARP rod bolts for a replacement.
I bought a set and measured them and it was going to take some reaming of the rod bolt holes in the rods or turning/polishing the new bolts to the correct size. The top of the shoulder was about .380.
So I bit the bullet and sent a stock bolt to ARP to see if they could match it up.
What I got was a more direct fit, readily available rod bolt.
He said the original listing is for a Studebaker engine.
Here's some pics and the part number should others need/want them.
I will add additional parts and fasteners I have selected for my new 308 when I start a complete write up on the build.
I was hoping to have it done already but it seems winter is the build season and I have been swamped with EFI conversion kit orders.
Not complaining but it really hurts my build time!

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    Looks good.  Now what about the palnuts?
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    You can see the new 12 point ARP nuts that will get a drop of Loc-tite.

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    For those needing palnuts:

    Thanks for the part numbers Bill!
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                                                                                                                                             I would not bother with Pal nuts especially using ARP fastners

    (actually, I haven't used Pal nuts on a 308 since late '50's when I circled Track raced Hudson's)

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    I love this forum, I needed this exact information today (holding rod bolt exemplar in hand)!  I will be ordering my own in the morning!
    Thank you BillUSN1
    Can't wait to see more of your engine build...
    Also happy to put a proper name to the Pal nuts I removed...
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