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Hey there guys and gals, I was in the HET club back in the early 90's, I am looking for the Sept/Oct 1992 issue, as there is a pic of me and my white 51 Hornet Coupe, to buy or the information to buy the issue from a known source I would appreciate the help.  Thanks, Lance


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,765
    At one time (and maybe still) there was a fellow listed in the front of the WTN who sold back issues.  You might check the first pages of the latest issue to see if he still does that.
  • ok, thank you

  • Ok. I have it out. Is that you, Lance Burke on page 36 with your 51 Hornet club coupe? Do you want a copy of that picture? I could xerox the page and send it to you.
  • well I have a Xerox copy of the pic, I was looking for an issue to buy from someone
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,500
    Xerox!!   Is that still a word?
  • hell yeah, lol, I'm old school
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,500
    I used to work for Burroughs. Nowadays nobody's ever heard of them.
  • I remember Burroughs Geoff. Amongst other places, I especially remember the installation at Ford Broadmeadows. The room which housed it seemed as big as football field. I am now at Xerox (Fuji Xerox) and they have an induction process highlighting their brand and achievements. They were once quite impressive.
  • Ducor KidDucor Kid Posts: 214
    Geoff I worked 37 years for NCR. Only 1 other name is left from the BUNCH days of computers.
    Lots of computer tech was born in those 5 companies.

  • nothing like staying on topic
  • I'm seeking the governor unit for my 51-53 OD transmission. Leads appreciated.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,765
    Miss S., if I were you I would start a separate discussion for your request, and put it here under Parts & Pieces.  I'm afraid no one is going to notice your request, here at the bottom of the "Old WTN" discussion.
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