Hudson Stepdown parts source

Not my yard or cars...

This wrecking yard has several Hudson cars which were purchased from now deceased Hudson Club member Jim Guinn.

Browne Auto Salvage in Sunset Texas has several 1954 Hudson Hornet 4 doors in their Yard.

1033 Spur 511
Sunset, Texas 76270
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(940) 393-2469


  • bjgundbjgund Posts: 38

    Does anyone know where the best source is or is there a supplier for the stepdown hydraulic top and window hoses that run along the left hand rocker?  Were they hard steel lines or rubber hoses from the factory?  I believe they were 5/16" lines and someone I read it takes more than 100 feet of line. If there is not currently a supplier, what is the best material to make them from scratch?

  • LanceLance Posts: 722
    The lines were steel hard lines. Same size as the brake lines. When you got into the interior the lines were flexible rubber lines but along the rocker they were steel. In- Line tubing may have a kit for them by now but I just fabricated all of mine since the brake fluid had just rotted the origional ones. Luckily the brake fluid left the doors alone unlike what happened to some cars. Big disadvantage  now is that when they were new the hard lines were longer because they were specifically made to order for the hydraulic system. Now if you make them yourself there will be shorter lengths  put together with more brass unions thereby having the possibility of more future leaking. The hard lines of today ore not as long as origional.   One current possibility is using the newer,softer more flexible metal  lines. I believe this stuff comes in a coil form vs. different lengths.
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