If anyone ever comes across ......

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In anyone 's travels,if you come across this Hudson, kindly let me know.

1951 Hudson Commodore Custom 6 Sedan...was Gray in color. Last known where abouts was Ridgewood, N.J. In 1971.

Serial number


may look like this:

64632 on id plate.

I have been looking for this car for 32 years.

Thanks to all
Bob I. 


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    I assume you've spread this around amongst the Garden Staters, right?
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    Yes sir.....a longtime ago.
    And Charlie, the the 1951 registrar, has had that serial number up on his 
    bulletin board for about 20-30 years.
    So far nothing has turned up. My fear is it was parted out, although it was in 
    Too nice of a condition for that.....IMHO
    But I refuse to stop looking. Ya never know. It could be in the hands of either a non-club 
    member or a member whom never felt the need to send the info. to the 1951 register.
    I know how often that occurs as I handle 2 registries for the club myself.
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    Speaking of registries, I think Charlie's phenomenal success (what's he got...600 cars on that registry now?) is because he enlists the help of fellow "fifty-one'ers" to discover as many cars as possible from across the country.  It was the same thing with Robbie Williams and his 1937 list.  We '37 enthusiasts were always checking out any "new" '37's we ran into at car shows: getting the name and address of the owner and the serial number of the car, and then sending that info to Robbie.  That's why I think the registries are a valuable asset to the H-E-T.  Each registry is more like a vacuum cleaner with many hoses reaching out like tentacles to Hoover up cars.  The Club's master registry sits there inert, waiting for additions to come in.  The registries, on the other hand, are endlessly productive.
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    You are 100% correct on all you wrote!
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