Headed to Estate Sale 23 Aug 18 - 1953 - Hudson Hollywood Hornet

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Runs great .. call Chris for more details (407) 692-4626 Winter Garden, FL


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    Asking $25K
  • Nice looking car.  Good luck, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a buyer.
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 352
    Nice ride.  
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    Thank you both!
  • DocHublerDocHubler Posts: 979
    Nice car!  I noticed it has the older style radiator in it (pre-52 stepdown).  Wish my 52 Wasp Hollywood was in that nice of shape!
  • boonedabooneda Posts: 9
    This vehicle is still available but has to be moved soon.  Call 407-654-7401 if interested
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