No longer Available - Classic '49 Convertible

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'49 Hudson in middle of restoration.  All parts are available $25K Call Dave or Mary Louise Davis Winter Garden, FL (407) 654-7401


  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,354Senior Contributor
    Note that this is an eight with the Edmunds twin 2bbl carb setup! Kewel!
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 193Member
    Water outlet, coil,oil filler and filter location looks like a 6 cylinder?
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,531Senior Contributor
    Most definitely a 6 cylinder. 
  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,354Senior Contributor
    Then he switched engines since i saw it last (several years!)  BUT, my memory has been questionable lately!!  I know it as been painted since i saw it last.
     But yes it is a 6. I should have looked closer. The two 2bbl carbs has to be excessive for a 262 but kool never the less.
    It has commodore deck lid but seems to have friction vent windows  I wonder what the vin number is.
    Appears to have some A/C components. Another $25K might finish it. If you do your own work.
  • boonedabooneda Posts: 9Member
    This vehicle is still available but has to be moved soon.  Call 407-654-7401 if interested
  • boonedabooneda Posts: 9Member
    This vehicle is no longer available as it is sold
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