Compatibility of rear quarters/fenders, rear bumpers for step downs

Hi all, I have a 1951 Hudson commodore convertible in New Zealand.
I am after a pair of nice rear quarters as mine will need some work.
While I am at it i was wondering if it was possible to bolt up 1953 quarters and rear bumpers to a 51.
I like the look of this year  more than the 51.
I also have a 308 twin H to go in it so it will be changed to a Hornet.
Probably I am in the wrong forum part to ask a question but i am after nice rear quarters.
Have a US address to send them to.
Cheers from down under Pat 


  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,263
    I think 52 was the change over year when Hudson dropped the rear bumper down, thus the rear quarters have a shallower scallop for the bumper to fit into. That would make the rear sheet metal below trunk different as well.
  • LanceLance Posts: 722
    1958kiwi, Kerry is right.  The 1952 model year had the rear end of the stepdown re  designed from the 48-51 style. . While skirts and rockers stayed the same the rear quarters had a slightly different look. The rear rocker extensions were more scalloped out that earlier models and the rear bumper was in a slightly different position. The rear bumper support plate had also changed from the earlier 50-51 version.  Trunk lid is also different than a 51  Another feature was that in 1952 the trunk tire well re appeared after being missing since 1947. You can do this but the additional body work required might get you to reconsider(?) 
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,807
    I see you're fairly new on this forum and just wanted to make sure: you do know of the network of Hudson people in New Zealand, right?   This forum is great for getting answers, but there's nothing like having experts living nearby!
  • i have a set for sale
  • 1958kiwi1958kiwi Posts: 6
    HI All, Apologies for late reply but I was away in a bad internet area. Then arrived back in Auckland to find destruction from  a storm at our house.
    Thanks for the informative comments.
    Looks like i am fooling myself that later quarters will bolt on so 1951 quarters are it or are earlier ones also the same? Jon yes i am new to the forum and know a couple of people in NZ with Hudsons but would appreciate a point in the right direction  about a good contact person in the first instance.?
    I will email 2manyprojects now to see what je has for sale.

    Thanks for your help again and cheers from down under Pat

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