Clifford Head

I have a chance to buy a nice used Clifford Head. I know they can be pricey, but what is the going rate for one? I don't want to offend the guy selling it by lowballing him.


  • If you can find one it would be worth way more than a Thousand is my best guess......

  • I have the cad program for the R&C aluminum head. Improved design over both the stock head and Clifford head. Time to produce new ones?
  • If that CAD model could be modified to make a split head that can be CNC machined, one-off and short runs are much more feasable. Still expensive though...
  • That is how  Clive Gibson built his. 
  • $1K seems pricy to me especially for a used one.  $400 - $700 seems more in line.


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