Just signed up

Been an HET member for over 30 years. Originally from NJ....now in NH.
Have owned quite a few Step Downs in the past. Currently own none.
Was a member of the old forum  hosted elsewhere.
Happy to find this forum now.


  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 994
    Welcome back the the Hudson Forum!

    Feel free to ask questions and provide answers.  There is never a stupid question or woefully wrong answer.  

  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,807
    ....this wouldn't happen to be Dave G., would it?
  • Thank you John and Jon.
    No, this is not Dave G.
    It is Bob I. 
    Jon, I believe we met a few times in Front Royal.
    I was usually found with 2 (now deceased members) Paul Hess and Bob Allen. R.I.P. Both.
    Thanks for the welcome. 
    Hudson folks are truly the best in the hobby!
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,807
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    Oh, okay!  Sure I remember you!   (I'm originally from NJ, and when I moved back in the 70's, I became one of the charter members of the Garden State Chapter.)  NH is where I bought my Terraplane....47 years ago!

    Anyway, welcome back to the forum.  (This IS, actually, the "old forum" -- the owners handed it to the H-E-T when they sold their website to another company that had no need for the forums!)
  • Aah, yes....that explains how this forum came to be.
  • That forum was part of something called "classic cars" was it not?
    I had been looking for that recently and could not find it!
    Now I know why.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,807
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    Right.  It was Classicar.com.  Our own Dave Sollon worked with a fellow who was starting his own antique car website, which was to have a forum for each make of car.  This started in the late 90's as I recall, and we were very happy with our new Hudson forum.  After a few years it went out of business, however, and we scrambled to replace it with a temporary Hudson "community" on MSN Groups. 

    That community lasted a year or two; then one of the old Classicar employees started up his own old-car website with a similar name (Classiccar.com) and offered us a forum there.  So we had a real forum of our own, again.   And that "new" forum lasted until maybe 2014, at which time the owner sold out to a company that re-named the site ClassicCars.com and dropped the forums.  (ClassicCars.com is more about buying and selling old cars, nowadays.) 

    The old owner of Classiccars graciously offered us our old Hudson Forum (which the new owners didn't want), complete with all the thousands of old messages that Hudson enthusiasts had published on the Hudson forum over ten years or so.   We were delighted to have this, and we re-named it "Hudson Open Forum."   And that is what you are looking at right now.   

    Meanwhile, several years earlier, the HET had become uneasy about depending upon  (Classiccar)  to maintain our on-line forum.  We had no overall control.  Every once in awhile the whole forum would disappear for a day because some fuse blew, somewhere.  We were afraid if Classiccar went belly up, we'd be marooned on a desert island with no web "presence".   So -- even though we still had our forum on Classiccar -- we started a Hudson website with all sorts of bells and whistles, including its own forum!  https://www.hetclub.org/  (Only HET members can register to get all the bells and whistles, though.)

    So at the time we inherited the old Classiccars forum (the Open Forum), we ALREADY had a forum on our own website.  Did we need TWO forums?  I dunno.  But after all the forum ups and down we've gone through over the years, we though we'd better hold onto 'em both.  Just in case.   

  • Yes, it can't hurt to have 2 forums and nice to have all the old information.
    I've tried to register on our other current forum without success, several times.
    Don't know if it's a glitch or just me. But thats ok I'm feel good right here.
  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 994

    Send an email to Membership Chairman Aaron Cooper, he will get you up and running on the HET site.


    First, make sure you we have your email address. This is how the web site knows who you are. If you have a new e-mail address or need to add it to your membership, please send your name and address from your e-mail to membership@hetclub.org
  • Aaron fixed my issue and got me all set without me even asking.
    He is amazing!
  • bluenashbluenash Posts: 34
    I remember you also Bob. I met you at a couple functions, and at the time I had a Hash I was going to sell.
  • bluenash.....Very interesting. 
    Did I meet you at the Firehouse, the steak house or at Twin Rivers motel?
    One year I brought my German Shepherd....lol.
    A couple of years I brought wife, daughter and a daughter's friend.
    Those were great times. Not much can rival Dick Hitt (RIP) and his wonderful Hudson stories!
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