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My family on both sides have owned and operated Hudson for over 75 years. My brother had up until one day in '75 an individual whom we thought was a friend decided he thought he could do better, and convince my brother to release two Hornets into his care. A Hornet convertible and a Hornet Special. In exchange my brother would eventually own Hudsons. Well, here it is, my brother and I are now in our '60's and have yet to see the "trades". This person still has the 54 Hornet Convertible that my brother and I had inherited from my uncle who had passed in '73. There have been many discussions with this "outstanding" member of HET. But still no Hudson. This fine member is good at changing the topics or attempts to convince that he is true to his word, and will in time give the Hudsons that he has vowed to do so.
It is unfortunate that even though this has been a lengthy and embarrassing scenario, with no conclusion this does not shadow our love for a car that had been our marque for as long as it has. To date, still no Hudsons. Just a sour taste in our mouth that this "member" f ails to acknowledge what he has done to my mother, the sister of the departed, and the remainder of the family. I would return to being a member of this organization of which had we continued, it would have been in excess of 40 years. But we cannot do so. It only indicates to us that if this one individual is unable keep a vow he made all those years, we cannot trust, and have made many attempts with other members. These members have since moved on from this earthly bond. This a topic I have wanted to bring to the attention of the  organization, and now that half my life is over. It had to be told. We will love the Hudson Motor Car, we may never own one again. But this a hard lesson we have had to live for the better part of our lives. I appreciate your attentiveness to this note.


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    Who has the titles? Your brother or this guy? That is what establishes ownership in the United States. We also have contracts - one person agrees to do something for another person in exchange for some specified money or service by a certain date. Did you write that? Both of these items are enforceable in a court of law. It is interesting that you blame the Hudson Essex Terraplane club for the actions of one person. That person may also belong to several other organizations. Do you boycott them as well? Have you ex-communicated your brother for turning the cars over to this guy? Since you didn't tell us who it is, I guess this is just a rant, right? 
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    Mike, it sounds like this gentleman would have been in his late teens/early 20s in 1975 if he's in his 60s now.  So I'm sure there was some naïveté at play.

    I'm unclear about what this "trade" was about.  He gave him 2 of the rarest Hornets in exchange for... what...?  He says "Hudsons," but what kind?  Unless it was 2 Italias, what else would have been worth it?

    Unless he's saying that this other person offered to "take care of" the Hudsons until they were older, at which point he would return them, but never did.

    He could look into taking him to court, but if he signed over the title to these cars 43 years ago, I don't think there's much chance of him winning.
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    Confusing story.  If they were sold they were sold end of story.  A promise don't hold water cash and documents do.  
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    So Trason - you just sign up and post this turd. Never come back, never provide more info or justification. What the hell!
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    Come on Trason, no pics, links evidence?

    Just trash a nebulous someone to make Hudson Club people look bad what gives?
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    really disappointing to not hear the end of this lol
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    Nice cars, but in 1975 they wouldn't have been worth much and if they were and still are driving examples, much time and money would likely have been spent over the years to keep them that way.  And had they not gone to the other person in '75, what is the likelihood that they wouldn't have been sold subsequently on different circumstances thereafter?

    Too bad for the family if there was a 'promise' made and it wasn't fulfilled.  But if it was only verbal and titles did change hands then perhaps the perception of the story has changed in 40 plus years. 

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