1936 Terraplane Shocks

Rocket88Rocket88 Member
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Anybody know for modern part #'s for front and rear shocks for a 1936 Terraplane? Mine are ancient, probably shot. Thanks in advance for any help.


  • jjbubaboyjjbubaboy Senior Contributor
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    Hey Rocket,
    I have: Front-NAPA 94054, or Monroe 32103
    Rear-NAPA 94008, or Monroe 31000.
  • bob wardbob ward Senior Contributor
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    Do those numbers also work for 35?
    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
  • Rocket88Rocket88 Member
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    Thanks for the help!

  • Nerve_CenterNerve_Center Member
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    Bob, I have those numbers listed from 36-47 inclusive so not sure about the differences between 35 and 36.
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