Steering Wheel adapter?

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Before I remove my steering wheel from my 53 Hornet do they make an adapter to use after market wheels?
I can't justify paying $1,200 for a cut down wheel to 15". I have lowered and moved the seat back and still hit
the wheel. I am 6'2" and 260lb. Any HELP would be appreciated!!
Thanks anyone!!


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     Check the Aftermarket Sites like Summit Racing or JC Whitney. Their Tech Dept can help with your questions.

     Keep in mind that a smaller steering wheel will be harder to steer and you will need to get a Universal Horn Button for side of column.

    (My '51 Hornet Racer has a small aftermarket spoke wheel that I purchased at Swap Meet so they do adapt)

  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Thank you for your help. I will call Summit..
  • bluenashbluenash Posts: 34
    Have you looked to see if there is a stock wheel of some kind that fits? example: Chevy ,ford etc. If the splines are the same you could still have the horn and get a smaller wheel.
  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Summit was no help. As far as other manufactures no one with a 15" wheel will seem to fit? It's hard to believe I am the only person that has dealt with this problem and no one has an answer to it?? 
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 299
    get your calipers out and get some measurements etc of the column / stock wheel.
    post a few pics

    I ripped my column out as I wont be using it. But I do have a few aftermarket steering wheels and adapters.

    Will see if I can track down where i dropped my old column and take a look as well.

    As you say - odd I would of thought someone on here would of had an idea.

    Another idea is take pics showing the measurements and contact IDIDIT. they maybe able to help as they make aftermarket columns for many makes and might go "oh thats the same as a 52 XYZ, use X adapter"

    Or if you have access to a lathe then make one up or adapt one.
  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Thanks KK! I think what I am going to do is cut off the old column right below the spline and cut an GM tilt column off about an inch or so below the spline have it turned down so that I can slip it in side the Hudson column and weld it. Kinda like a plug weld. Here are some pictures of what I am talking about. I don't have a lathe...

    Top picture: GM spline. Turn down from the cut up.
    Bottom picture: Cut Hudson shaft and slip GM in and weld. Drill out center for horn on GM shaft? Maybe...
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    Sorry I do have access to a lathe
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 299
    hey ya.

    cant find my old Hudson column to get measurements and try the GM adapters I have or compare with the assortment of Buick, chev and ford 30-50s wheels lurking about.

    In New Zealand (where I lurk) we have some strict laws relating to modifying cars etc. A big area is steering columns. Welding like you are thinking is a huge no-no. I dont think there is a free online version of the rule book that gos into depth what to do/not to do and reasons why about nearly everything to do with modifying cars. but here is a bultent on after market columns.

    Personally I would get an adapter custom made. If you have access to a lathe and your confident in using it then give it a go. Go to a speed shop and take a look at some aftermarket ones to get an idea. Do your measurements.
    Basically underneath you would cut in to make a collar that will go around the out side of the Hudson column. depth of about an inch. Say a few mill thick outer wall. leave an island about 1 1/2 inch wide in the middle where you will get drilled and splined.
    the other side (wheel side)  cut from the out side in half an inch or what ever the inner diameter of the aftermarket wheel you are using is. do it as deep as the wheel. so normally 4 mill or so. then start digging out the center leaving a few mill wall up the top between then wheels seating area and hole. do this as large as the button. 
    then drill the holes for the bolts to attach it to the column. get the center professionally splined. do the holes for the S.wheel.

    Should be a quick job of an engineering shop with a chunk of aluminum. 

    I guess it will be a bit of a cone going from an old 40s column up to the thicker normal aftermarket style of wheel.
  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Thanks for the information. Here is my car I'm working on. 53 Kustom Hornet
  • RocketRocket Posts: 279

    after looking at your pictures I feel the best way to fix this is first find a steering wheel that you like and is the size you want then take it to a gear making shop and have them drill out your new steering wheel then have them make you a new insert with the splines you need to fit your shaft  and have them weld it into new wheel then you can just bolt it on to your column that is what I am doing on my 36 Terraplane and it is working out great nice thing about this is you can do this to any kind old steering wheel and not have to change your horn button I know because that is what I did hope this helps.

  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Thanks Rocket! I need to go to a couple of shops and see what they say...
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 299
    ohhh sweet ride man more pics and info.

    Like Rockets idea. get a wheel. and take the old and new to a shop to get the new adapted to suit the column is much easier.
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    I could take a picture of my Sport wheel tomorrow if you like. I think it bolts onto the Adapter with 3 bolts. (Havent looked at it all winter but tonite after dark I measured it. 15" Dia and 11" back from Dash on a 1950 Hudson). Its 3 " smaller but with the adapter I think its near the same distance away from dash. Plus, It does not have original working horn button.

    However, Here is another Idea. Why not remove your column which isn't hard then shorten as much as you need then buy a $20 Borgeson Coupler to re-connect the Shaft  and use the original Hudson Wheel & horn button assembly?

    The column has a clamp at the bottom and under dash then slides right up & off. Saw off the bottom end then hacksaw the shaft somewhere below the spline the same amount. (The shaft has a hole completely thru so you need to unplug it near steer box then pull the wire out before sawing)To re install wire, just stick a length of mechanic wire down and tape the horn wire end then pull back down thru....

    Just a thought

    PS: I really like your Kustom Hornet. I would try to retain the beautiful Hudson Steering Wheel....

  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Ol Racer can you tell me what adapter you used to put that 15" wheel on with? That is what I am looking for..
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,401
    Sent a PM that should help...
  • HarpoHarpo Posts: 12
    Found an adapter!! it's a Ford adapter 1963 Falcon & Comet fits.. Ordered a new wheel from Con2r should be here next week or so. Can't wait! I will post pictures.
  • fliptopfliptop Posts: 113
    Harpo any update on the adapter
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