'29 Essex Uni-joints

oldie28oldie28 Posts: 3
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Hi All,
Looking for replacements for my driveline uni-joints for the '29 Essex, Spicer here in Australia don't recognise the embossed numbers, the online tool at Dana isn't showing a solution. The usual google search isn't producing anything useful.

Any thoughts ?


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,483
    There are no direct modern  replacement joints for these.  Only option is to go to an engineering shop and get the drive  shaft modified using modern joints.
  • 4Hud4Hud Posts: 182
    Does it mount to the trans. and diff. the same as a 1930 Hudson? I recently had one made.
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,483
    Yes, virtually identical set-up as 1930 H, just shorter length.
  • oldie28oldie28 Posts: 3
    Thanks Geoff, that seems to be the way I will need to go.
  • 4Hud4Hud Posts: 182
    Here are some pics of my new 1930 Hudson driveshaft.
  • oldie28oldie28 Posts: 3
    That's the ticket, I was making some from Aluminium bar.
    Thanks !
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