1933 Terraplane 8 cylinder hood door handles

I am ready to start producing 1933 Terraplane 8 cyl hood door handles using 3D CAD. The handles will be made of a brass/chrome mixture. They will be ready for plating. $55.00 each plus shipping. You can contact me and let me know how many you want. I'll order them and then you can send me a check. Thanks  Mike Sheridan


  • What made you pick these to reproduce.  Just curious.   Are you going to do any other pieces.    
  • I have the headlight base pieces, left and right available. These were pot metal and mine had the threads burst out on one of them. I have also made the map light that goes in the dash above the gauges on deluxe cars and some 8 cylinders. These were very thin pot metal that swelled up and burst themselves over time. I floated the idea of making new Griffins. But it would be very expensive and I needed people to sign on for that and surprisingly, almost no one did, so I dropped that. These hood door handles were a request. I already have enough orders for them to recover my development costs. I am not looking to make any money on these things, but there is an up front cost for the CAD work that I would like to recover. I don't have plans for any more parts, but could do something if enough people need it. What do you need?
  • Gee, I used to know how to use AutoCAD some years back.......Maybe I should take a refresher course. Also had some experience with SolidWorks....

  • Do any of our experts know about use on other models?  For instance, are the 33 ET8 latches the same as 34T?  That would be a way to expand your buyer base.
  • The beauty of 3D CAD is, once the 3D model development costs are paid, the price to "print" a part is based on printer time and material consumed. Thus the 50th part costs the same as the first. So I don't need to look for more potential buyers. Right now, I have ordered 20, which is the requests so far. About 3 weeks to get them. If there are more people who need some, let me know. I am not trying to make money, just provide assistance to other 1933 Terraplane owners.
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    Using a parts scanner can recreate part wire frame CAD data which can be imported into SOLID WORKS to create a 3D model that is an accurate replication of the original part.  The scanners are becoming less expensive to the point hobbyists or small businesses can purchase them for short run parts.  https://pinshape.com/blog/the-11-best-3d-scanners-on-the-market/
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