My hudson 1941 deluxe six Information needed for lubricants to be used in car

 I have purchased a 1941 Hudson deluxe six and I am need of help. I realize the Hudson called for many lubricants such as the axle trans, clutch, brakes, oil etc,. Can someone tell me what lubricants I would use for my car as I know Hudson had all there own special products. what are the products I would use for my car in 2018. I am really concerned about what use in the trans, clutch, brakes and rear end.   Thankyou
                                                                               Bernie Buechman Pembroke, Ontario Canada


  • Don't be too concerned.  Even the cheapest lubricants nowadays are superior to those in 1941.

    Engine oil can be a modern multi-viscosity, though some Hudson owners have favorites.  There is some controversy about ZDDP in oil (some people buy special oils to get the added level of zinc).  I use "Brad Penn" racing oil for this reason, but one can argue either way.

    Transmission / rearend oil can be of the modern type but, here again, there is some worry that the wrong type of oil can damage bronze internal parts.  Possibly someone will chime in on that (Geoff?  Geoff?  Where are you?)

    Clutch oil (Hudsonite) is still sold through the Club store and also by Wildrick Restorations, which produces it.  Certain types of ATF can be substituted (someone will jump in to tell you which).

    Standard brake fluid works fine; I converted my 1937 to silicone, 25 years ago, because I felt it would not attract moisture and corrode the cylinders.  I've been happy with it.
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     I suggest GL-1 gear oil for the transmission and rear end.  This has the correct lubrication for bronze gears of the era.  It is found at oil distributers in 5 gal pails.    You can sell the excess left over to a Hudson buddy.

  • Thanks for the Help on lubricants for my Hudson 1941 six deluxe. I was going to order some hudsonite clutch fluid from the companys you mentioned but they will not send to
    Canada, any ideas what next. Is there something else that will work. I have another question unrelated but how does a person trace the life of my car since it was made and the 26 years it was in the USA. it was in Canada it seems since 1967. I would love to see how many owners there were while it was in the USA.

                                                                                       Thanks So Much Bernie
  • A replacement for Hudsonite  is a mixture that Walt uses.It takes 6 fl.oz. for the clutch. Walt's mixture is 2 oz. of Marvels Oil, 2 oz of Dextron, and 2 oz of 10w30 motor oil. I have been running this mix of some time and I am very happy with it.  Hope this helps. L Hud
  • Thankyou LHud But what is and where do I get marvels oil and what dextron I believe there are different numbers of dexrton. I  am very much so New at this Bare with me.  
                                                                    Thanks Again Bernie
  • Marvels Mystery Oil you can find at any auto store. Dextron II or any of its later equivelants. You can find all the ingrediants at any auto parts store. 
  • I would think Wildrick sends parts to Canada, after all he sends stuff to australia, Sweden, Austria, etc........
  • If it was only that easy Ken, If you go on there site it states no international orders shipped for clutch fluid. So theres my problem does anyone ship a clutch fluid to Canada for my car.
                                      Thanks Bernie
  • Bernie, a lot of people use just Dextron 3. Do a filter search on this site and you will find all the info you need.
  • Thanks Barry for that Info, I will do just that. What a great site so many people willing to help me with my first old car and a hudson at that for all you guys helping me out believe it or not my car when purchased came with a bonus the Stanley cup was in the back seat of this car in 2004. I didnot know it upon buying the car but it sure adds to the Hudson history of my deluxe six. former owner 2 time Stanley cup winner.

                                                                      Thanks to all Bernie
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    I don't see that you are a member of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club yet?  We have a chapter in Ontario that you should be involved in.  Most chapter members will offer assistance if they are close by, and our regional director from Canada is a hockey player!

    Please contact me for a complimentary copy of the White Triangle News, our award winning publication.

    John Forkner
    Director, HET Club
  • Thanks John,

     I would like to thankyou for your help and How would I go about getting in contact with the Ontario Hudson club do they have a website. I am also interested in knowing who the regional director hockey player is that is pretty neat. The car is in storage and I am very much so looking forward to getting it out to do some work on it to safety it. I will have
    to first fix the wipers so they work. Our safety checks in Ontario have become much more strict and costly. I drove the car to storage and it actually drove very nice. I only
    Hope it does not need to much to get it on the road.

                                                                                 Bernie Buechman Pembroke
                                                                                 Ontario Canada
  • Bernie,

    I sent you a Private Message (PM) with the information.

  • Thanks for All Your Help John. I will apply for your complimentary copy in time
    sounds like a very educational magazine. I am going to need Help I know that for sure.
    The best help is from the guys who worked and rode those cars but they are getting to
    be very hard to find.
                                                                                   Thank You Again

                                                                                    Bernie In Pembroke
  • I am looking for metal trim which was on the inside of the doors of my 41 Hudson deluxe-6 also the handle which was on the ashtray on the dash.

                                                                                          Thankyou Bernie
  • Bernie, if you're now looking for parts, I suggest you start a "dedicated" discussion on that, instead of adding the parts appeal to the bottom of your Lubricants discussion.   And, for more info on the Club and its many chapters, I suggest you browse the Club's website  When you get there, click on the CLUB drop-down, and then open up CHAPTERS.  You'll find a list of contact people for chapters in each of our four regions.  There is a map of North American there too, which graphically shows the location of every chapter.
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