1935 Terraplane Trunk Latch

Missing the trunk latches for '35 terraplane.  Does anyone have any ? A broken one or good photo to see how they should look ?  I think I can make them but would like them look as authentic as possible. Any help on this will be appreciated.
Bill Johnson


  • Bill,
    Are you looking for pic's of the locking latch handle in the center of the truck lid?
    Tom King
  • Tom,
    This is for the Trunk Model with two hinges for the trunk lid. Each hinge should have a latch handle ( ? ) to secure the lid. I kinda assume the latch may have a key lock as part of the handle. I think I can fabricate or cast the handle but would like to have it look as original as possible. An old handle would be great to get but even a detailed picture would be very helpful. Thank you for the reply.
    Bill Johnson
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