1951 Hudson Hornet Sedan for sale $8,500

28,000 original miles, 9,000 miles on new rebuilt 308..  car never used in winter, no rust underneath.  pot metal in excellent shape.  few dents here and there.  lots of 50's add ons,  interior is shot.  lots of springs sticking out but i drive it anyway.  has O.D. which works fine.  like new cokers,  brakes and suspension rebuilt when we did engine. new battery.  good heater and defroster but radio does not play.  a fun survivor. gordon tindall 563 419 0727  valtindall@yahoo.com


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  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,585
    How does one completely wear out a car with only "28.000 original miles"???? I cannot imagine the suspension needing a rebuild with only 19,000-28,000 miles, and the engine at 19,000 miles unless something catastrophic happened. Also a totally trashed interior.......128,000 miles is more likely....
  • i can assure you that 28,ooo is correct.  when i finally was able to get this car,  it had sat for several years in a damp barn in n.e. iowa.  it had 17,900 miles on it.  when i first saw the car in a garage with my 52 hornet dirt track car next to it,  i wanted to buy it.   several years went by before lana was ready to sell.  after sitting in that barn for a few years the interior got ruined.  it was near perfect before but age helped the old fabric more or less to disintegrate.  a sizable mouse population did not help.   the motor also took a hit.  moisture in cylinders resulting in a couple of badly pitted cylinder walls.  we finally got motor free.but it had to come out and go to machine shop.  if i remember its now.030 with everything new guides, valves, springs, rings, bearings,  timing gears and chain.  so you can see sitting around in an old barn i think can be worse thanputting on 100,000 miles.  we rebuilt the master and wheel cylinders,  replaced brake hoses, and shoes.  the suspension was in good shape   king pins still tight.  we put new shocks on it  and outer tie rod ends if memory serves me.  we know history of car.  owned by doctors wife in decorah iowa.  she used it once a week to go shopping not in winter however. it was inherited by a family that my wife knew.  they wanted the daughter to use car for driving to school.  she did not want to be seen in it.  that was in late 70's i believe.  car ended up being part of parades and such for a number of years until in ended up in barn  and the barn was not a good place for an old car to sit for 10 years or whatever it was.  the pot metal is for most part in real nice shape.  underneath car there is no rusted out areas. this car is very solid survivor  ive driven car around 10,000 miles since ive had it.  mostly country drives with the dogs in the back.  we did take it to washington island, and drove through green bay on interstate at 70 keeping up with everyone else.  hope this explains the catastrophe.  sitting alone in a barn will do it.  gordon
  • got any more pictures?
    yes, we'll look for some more pictures
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