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KdancyKdancy Senior Contributor
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I can not seem to post a picture even after re-sizing. What is the trick?

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  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Senior Contributor
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    If a little dot comes up, click on the dot, view the menu and clic on insert picture
  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Did you read the info on posting pictures, in FORUM-INSTRUCTIONS & TIPS ?  I'm not aware that you need to re-size.
  • bent metalbent metal Senior Contributor
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    Kdancy, I too find it very frustrating.  I can't seem to get a pic to stick unless I resize it small then I use the icon.  NOT the "attach a file.  But in the line that starts "B I S", go over to where the black rectangle is and hover over it.  "Attach image/file" will appear.  click it, that has been working for me.
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